puzzledefComplexity is the most genuine fingerprint of life. Its manifestations can be recurrently identified at virtually all scales, ranging from simple biomolecules, organelles, cells and tissues to organisms, populations and even the entire Biosphere. In all these levels, biological systems are usually described as large ensembles of agents hatching complex networks of interactions among them, whose structure and dynamics is in turn coupled to other systems, often belonging to different scales. In that sense, as George Perec wrote, Biology has much to do with the art of solving jigsaw puzzles: each piece by itself is hardly informative of the truly nature of the whole picture.

My principal research interests are indeed related to the study of complexity in biological systems from a quantitative stand: that is, the identification of the most relevant variables, phenomena and interactions to be accounted for in order to understand the different unsolved biological questions that prevails in any scale from cells to ecosystems. More specifically, I am interested in the study of the processes that, at those different levels of description, influence morbidity and incidence of infectious diseases.





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